Oxford Child Abuse Report's Key Findings

Anti slavery events 2014

This year OXCAT teamed up with Sport for Freedom, Just Love and Viva to present Oxford’s response to trafficking for Anti Slavery Day 2014.

Sport for Freedom were cycling for freedom this year:

“The Cycle for Freedom route is a demanding 5 day challenge, which will tour through slave ports of the past and present day trafficking hotspots. In each city we will be hosting high profile educational eventsjoined by students, charities, athletes, MPs and celebrities who are committed to fighting modern day slavery.”

We had the opportunity to host the cycle team and put on our fourth flash mob in the centre of Oxford. A single file line of approximately 70 people walked in silence to a steady drum beat down the centre of Cornmarket Street with their hands bound together and wearing black t-shirts with the work ‘Freedom’ on them. It was a simple yet powerful even, causing the public to stop and watch as they wandered through town on their lunch breaks.

One child was overheard saying “Are they prisoners?”. The reality is that many victims of trafficking do find themselves prisoners in the homes of their perpetrators. We want to do what we can to bring an end to this terrible injustice.


After the flash mob and seeing off the Cycle For Freedom team on the next leg of their journey to London, Just Love hosted a panel discussion for students in Oxford University Examination Halls. The panellists were Catherine Bearder (MEP), Hazel Thompson (award winning Photo Journalist), Mark Wheeler (representing OXCAT) and Hannah Coates (representing Just Love). Hannah said of the event: “Those I spoke to afterwards felt really challenged as well as inspired”.


You can play a part in this fight against injustice by ‘opening your eyes’ to the signs. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please do contact us at info@oxcat.org.uk or via our facebook page.