Oxford Child Abuse Report's Key Findings

On 18 October 2013, OXCAT took the streets to continue their awareness raising campaign encouraging people to “Open their Eyes” to the horrors of human exploitation.

OXCAT were joined by a number of artists including Danny Scott of Touchpoint Theatre, Anja Meinhardt of Justice In Motion and Rap Artist Josh Smith who each told the story of slavery in a new and creative way.

Anja performed an excerpt from her recent production of ‘Bound’ telling the story of a women trapped in the sex industry having been falsely promised a good future.

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Danny performed a physical-theatre piece, entitled “Afraid to Dream/I have a Dream”, which centred on a character chained, bound, abused and pleading to a deaf world of hope and freedom. The audience were taken on a moving, engaging and evocative journey, through apparent hopelessness, brokenness, unbelief and fear-to-dream; – to a place of defiant hope, healing, belief and the first remnants of the ability to dream again.

Josh’s rap ‘The Girl in Chains’ told the fictional tale about an innocent girl lured into human sex trafficking.