Oxford Child Abuse Report's Key Findings

The serious case review was released at 11am this morning and can be read by clicking here
OXCAT are releasing the following response:
“We are appalled to hear of the extent to which the exploitation of young girls was going on under our noses.
These girls have been through the most harrowing experiences, which few of us can imagine – many already in social care and then subjected to rape and abuse, night after night at the hands of completely unscrupulous, aggressive criminals.
We’re calling for the wide ranging recommendations in the report to be acted upon immediately, to close all of the systemic gaps which allowed this appalling abuse to take place in plain sight.
We offer our respect and compassion to the girls as they continue to rebuild their lives again after this savage chapter. It is clear that the evidence and testimony of the girls has carried great weight and been valued in the preparation of the Serious Case Review. We hope this will continue to impact the learning points of the various agencies.
We also hope that all of the recommendations gathered from this and smiliar cases all over the country will make a significant impact on the way the grooming and trafficking and sexual exploitation of innocent children and young adults is treated in the UK. This is a crime that must be taken seriously and dealt with to the full extent of the law.

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