Oxford Child Abuse Report's Key Findings


  • TRAFFICKING IS . . . to be deceived or taken against your will, bought, sold and transported into slavery.  These slaves could find themselves being sexually exploited, sold as child brides, working in a sweat shop, forced into begging, growing cannabis or domestic servitude.  Some are even used to harvest body organs for transplants or sacrificial worship.
  • TRAFFICKING IS . . .where vulnerable people are lured by traffickers into what turns out to be slavery.
  • TRAFFICKING IS . . .where friends/relatives end up selling children to gangmasters for as little as £20 per child.
  • TRAFFICKING IS . . . the use of intimidation rape, torture and drugs to break a victim into submission.
  • TRAFFICKING IS . . . a multi-billion dollar global industry and is which by definition is hidden, yet is going on around us all the time


OXCAT use Human trafficking stunt to raise awareness in Oxford


Oxford raids target suspected organised child sex gang


Watch the Video of the Oxford Flashmob

OXCAT has joined the fight against this injustice.